Miniature Video Camera for Archos AV500 / AV700 / PMA430
Plug'n'play video capture

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I have found that it's possible to run a CMOS video camera directly off an Archos AV500, AV700 and PMA430 in that you don't need an extra battery pack to power the camera, making it a fun and very simple to use plug'n'play video camera. These are not official Archos cameras, the official Archos bullet-camera is higher quality and consequently costs much more.

Actual camera casing design now used is slightly different but still the same size and still the same functionality

The miniature CMOS cameras I have been buying (see above pictures) do have audio, but unavoidably the sound of the unit's harddrive interferes with the audio recording when it's saving the captured video footage, as can be heard on the first video clip below.

With the camera you can do things like this, these were recorded using a CMOS camera with a 10 foot cable to reach right round to the front bumper on the car, the camera was held in place with nothing more than blu-tack and ducttape:


640x480, 25fps, 2m 23s, XviD/mp3, 13.1mb

368x272, 25fps, 3m 31s, XviD/mp3, 24.7mb
This clip has been sped up 3x using VirtualDub.

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