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US Season 3 DVDs
The 4 disc US/Canada release of Season 3 on DVD, long out of print and rare. This series was also released on VHS with virtually identical covers.

US Season 4 DVD
Great season, shame about the DVD - Anchor Bay screwed up bigtime when they authored this disc. ReBoot was created in PAL format (720 x 576 resolution, 25 frames per second), but the US/Canada's native video format is NTSC (720 x 480 res, 29.97 fps) so the video needs to be framerate converted - but when Anchor Bay did the conversion they thought the source footage was at film framerate (24 fps) so as a result this DVD plays back 4.096% slower than it should, most notably all the voices sound deeper because their pitch has been lowered. Anchor Bay have been replacing discs when you complained to them but they never took it upon themselves to recall the discs and re-press them, so as a result it appears that almost all the discs from stores/online stores etc. were of this flawed version. This DVD went out of print early 2007.

Australian Season 4 DVD
This was hopefully the 'holy grail' release of season 4, ReBoot in it's native PAL format with no speed issues like the US release. Unfortunately this version is sub-par.
From what I can gather, somewhere along the conversion-to-DVD process the video went through analogue conversion, my speculation on this is because the audio is stereo 2.0 and not 5.1 surround as the case says, and the left+right edges of the screen have thin black borders whereas the US release doesn't, furthermore the colours are a little less vibrant than the US release.
If you can play PAL format region 4 DVDs then it's worth getting because the playback speed is correct, but a real shame about the 2.0 audio because the 5.1 audio sounds so much better on a decent setup.

Russian Season 1+2+3 DVDs
The Russian DVD release of seasons 1, 2 and 3, the rarest of the ReBoot DVDs produced as this set wasn't licensed by the copyright owners. To buy this set I had to use an online translator to order from a Russian website, then just sit and wait and hope that they would send them, my gamble paid off because 2 months after ordering they arrived.
The picture quality of season 1+2 is far better than any other release on VHS or DVD, they appear to be sourced from high quality analogue broadcast tapes not digital like the US releases. but the audio is over-dubbed with Russian language and it's in mono not 5.1 as the covers say. Whoever did the design of the graphics on the cases/discs deserves commendation for a job very well done, someone with talent spent time designing these and they look far better than all the other DVD releases that have just taken images from the show and put them on the covers.

German Season 2 DVDs
Probably the worst DVD releases of ReBoot to date (excluding the screwed up US season 4 and various bootleg sets) it fails on several accounts, the artwork on the covers is from season 4 not season 2, they're completely dubbed in German with new intro titles and end credits, again like the Russian set the audio is mono not 5.1 as the cover suggests, lastly the video, apparently again sourced from analogue broadcast tapes and not a direct digital transfer, was encoded with a poor quality mpeg2 encoder - every 2 out of 3 frames is noticably blocky whenever there's any motion.

UK & Australian VHS tapes
Above are the two UK released VHS tapes containing the first four episodes of season 1.

Below are the four Australaian released VHS tapes containing the first eight episodes of season 1.
On the left is a picture of a sealed Australian tape with an advert for figures and playsets. Currently 3 of my 4 Aussie tapes are still sealed.

UK VHS booklet
If you were unlucky with acquiring your UK VHS tape of the first two episodes you would have missed out on this neat little booklet, it was printed at a 45 degree angle so I rotated the images to enable you to read the text without holding your head to one side.

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