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These are the American Game Caps variety of 'POGs', full set of 95 in total with a few duplicates.

Sony PlayStation
The PSX 3D shoot-em up, jump on your zipboard and shoot the bad guys! A bit of a blast to play as you fly your way around various parts of Mainframe and end up fighting Megabyte & Hexadecimal as end of level bosses.

Adventure Game Books
These 4 game books are like those Fighting Fantasy books that were all the rage back in the 80s, you hop around different pages, your destiny decided by rolling a dice. I wonder if there were any ReBoot dice made....

Board Games
ReBoot the bored, sorry board game, appears to be more about strategy than fun, this is mine but I've never played it.

Another board game, this one I will make an effort to play (one day) because it looks a lot more fun and engaging than the strategy one.

Handheld LCD Game
A rather neat looking handheld LCD game, bigger than it looks in the photos, unfortunately it suffers the fate of most handheld games in that the creators tried to put too much of the source material into the game, rather than concentrating on the gameplay, which is why othello & connect-4 are some of my favourite handheld games.

Activity Book
I thought this deserved to be in the gamese section because it contains a lot of small games and activities to do, join the dots, puzzles etc. Thankfully no small kid has gotten hold of the book and crayons so the puzzles are untouched and the box of 16 different coloured crayons still unused.

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