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Mini Playsets
Mini playsets from Kellogg's, featuring Megabyte's tor, Hexadecimal's lair, Bob's apartment and Dot's Diner.

Large Playsets
Large playsets that come on blister packed cards, there's Megabyte's tor, Hack & Slash's er place, and Hexadecimal's lair, each has various moving parts/traps etc. and come with miniature figures, a green delete disc, a 'key' with a hologram picture of a ReBoot character and a disc shooter. Hack's disc shooter is an ABC unit.

The yellow Exo-Skeleton is from the first two seasons whilst the orange one is from season 3, physically they are identical and came out of the same mould but they're coloured differently. Whilst they look cool they're not very robust, the yellow one has a few broken joints and when you click the top arms into place that's it, you can't remove them without breaking something as I annoyingly found out.
The yellow one doesn't come with a character but is meant for the original 5" Dot and other characters whilst the orange one comes with a special AndrAIa character.

Bob's Drophead Car
Now this is a one great ReBoot toy, robust in design, fires the delete discs that come with the original 5" models, fits the 5" models, and when you put 2 AA batteries in it and move the gearstick lever it pretends it's trying to start up by rocking side to side like in "The Medusa Bug" episode. The last picture I added because I noticed it when packing away, I've never seen anti-drugs messages on packaging of kids toys before.
If I remember rightly you can improve the firing distance of the delete discs by taking the firing unit apart, stretching the spring and putting it back together, now you can really knock over your action figures.

Quite possibly one of the coolest looking ReBoot toys made, the Megatruck from the episode "Bad Bob", it comes with 6 miniature figures; Hack, Slash, Fingers, Bob, Enzo & Frisket, it converts into 4 playsets, can fire rockets, helicoptor blade things that will easily fly as high as the ceiling when fired from the floor, a crane arm with a gripper, a crushing roller trap, an ejector seat, megawing plane and a trailer which can carry quite a few things.
Yes it looks great but it's fairly fragile, they engineered so much into it that it's fairly delicate when you try to play with it as the trailer can unhook easily, the megawing drops off easily, the whole front can come away easily, one of the front grills was broken off when I received it and I had to fix it back on, and so on, but hey it looks so cool you can't really complain.

Micro Vehicle Playsets
Two playset toys from the first season, Mouse's Underwater Vehicle and an ABC Vehicle, they're featured in episode 10 "The Great Brain Robbery". Mouse's vehicle is the only toy that features a Mouse figure, albeit a miniature Mouse (aren't mice small anyway?).

More Vehicle Playsets
A couple of toys from the 3rd season, another version of the ABC unit and Captain Capacitor's Web Mare. Notice how the skull emblem on Captain Capacitor is upside down, a simple mistake nobody spotted until after creation.

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